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It’s finally starting to feel like summer down here.  My outdoor plants really struggle with all the salt in the air, but these two are doing really well and I love their colours….



There’s the most beautiful boat parked up outside our sitting room.  It has lots of lovely fluttering flags and a perfect gorgeous reflection.  I think Stanley wants to stow away…

And finally for today – my reading chair.  Shame I haven’t got time today to sit in it and read.  I can’t wait for the summer holidays – it’s calling me!

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  1. How wonderful to land in your patch, one of my readers recommended me to you, I am so glad!!!!
    I’m pondering on where you might live, I’m from Bridport/West Bay but now in Yorkshire, I was down visiting at the wkend, sitting by the harbour drinking cold beer.
    Anyhow…off to have a closer look at your gorgeous work, it has made my heart jump about, always a good sign!!

  2. Hi Joey, I love your website! And I love the on-going updates of life in Dorset – it all fits beautifully with the design. Great stuff.

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