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At last. I've been working on this little blanket for ages as I keep getting distracted. I'm just using up old tapestry wools and I love the rich mix of colours.

I'm completely in love with the papercut I'm making at the moment. It's a commission for a first wedding anniversary but I want to keep it.

I was given this gorgeous bottle of elderflower cordial. I can't bear to drink it!

It always amazes me when gorgeous sweet smelling flowers emerge from the little brown seeds I planted in the spring.

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  1. wow gorgeous sweet peas, I’m impatient for mine to flower but they are still short and leafy at the moment, I was late planting them.
    Lovely visiting with you, you’ve been on my mind of late, I’m feeling a tad homesick for the Dorset coast, please give a wave out your window to the sea from me!

  2. Oh wow. I just thought I’d take a little peep at your lovely website and have spotted what I think must be my papercut .. and it looks wonderful! I’m so excited, although I must remember that it’s not really for me. But I will get to look at it every day, clever eh? xx


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