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Wahoo – we’re off!  Snorkels, check.  Crochet, check.  Book, check.  Radio, check.  Knickers, check.  Swimming cossie, check.  Accordion, check.  Husband, check.

I love going away, but I really love living here.  We went to a great little bar in town last night.  I love that on a thursday night, in a small rural town, you can go up a little hidden staircase and be in a room FULL of people watching live jazz.  Brilliant.  See you soon, Joey x

Thursday night at the Hayloft

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  1. Hope you’re having a wonderful time Joey, I just bobbed in to say I miss you!!! LOL! You and your blog give me a delicious “home-fix” and I am feeling ridiculously homesick right now, an odd feeling I have to say.
    Lots of love
    ps this time next wk we’ll be travelling down yippeeeeee


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