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Yesterday was the Melplash Show.  It’s our local agricultural show and of course we go every year.  I love looking round the exhibition tents and especially the odd categories they have – “You’ve made it, let’s see it” being our favourite.  There were cars made out of vegetables, flowers growing in ladels, massive leeks, carrots and marrows, lots of jams, cakes and eggs, and then of course all the animals, giant bulls, sheep, pigs, ferrets, birds of prey, and the incredible Flea Circus.  I looked through my photos and realised how in love I am with dahlias.  I can’t believe they just grow like that, they look like they’ve been drawn by a child with the best crayons ever, and then made out of tissue paper.  They’re so gorgeous - I couldn’t edit them….

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  1. Lovely photos of dahlias. There are so many variaties of these flowers, it’s unbelievable. I do agree, that they look like something that only a child’s imagination could have created.


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