I showed you recently a square for the new blanket I’m about to start making.  I love how versatile crochet is and I adore watching all the scrummy colours come together.  I still haven’t bought the final colours for this new blanket, but I made a test square which looks like this…

I fell in love with the pattern which I saw here in this book….

But then, after a bit of bloghopping, I stumbled upon www.cozymadethings.blogspot.com and totally fell in love with this….

It’s so fun to make and quicker and easier than it looks.  I have loads of this lovley pale turquoise wool so I’ve started making the first few rows in that.  I’m off to the wool shop tomorrow and I’ll take it with me to find some other lovely things to go with it.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Sweeeeeet! You’ll probably finish yours before I finish mine–I’m stuck between the purple and the pink. Doh. I can’t wait to see yours when it’s done! :)

  2. I really like that. Looking forward to seeing what the wool shop in South Street, http://www.bridportyarn.co.uk will be like. Said it is due to open beg Nov, but think it will effect Nessies in Beaminter a bit though, which will be a shame.

  3. Wow that looks amazing Joey is it hard, could try that pattern for Maisie’s blanket when I finially finish Megs. Next time I’m down you’ll have to show me how to do it.

  4. Gorgeous, I love that stitch, I made a blanket with it once and it did work up quickly. I like the granny square too. You have great taste.


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