It really has been un-be-liev-able weather here this week.  Soooo sunny and hot and gorgeous – really like summer should have been but wasn’t.  We went for a lovely stroll around the bay last night and found lots of other people out enjoying the evening sunshine although you wouldn’t know it from the photos….

…and the birdies!!!!  They’re beginning to get ready to fly south but I think they were having a change of mind after basking on their line in the sunset.

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  1. Yes, the bay was packed this afternoon, no where to park when I got to work, why wasn’t it this warm in the summer???? Funny how it is this warm when craft wise our thoughts are with Christmas!!

  2. Katharine Wilkinson

    Lovely photos! Has been good weather here too. Bracing ourselves for the grey gloom to come though!


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