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Grab them while they’re hot!



Isn’t is annoying that everyone thinks all princesses have long blond hair and blue eyes?!  Now you can personalise your ‘Princess and the Pea’ picture to feature YOUR princess.  Has she got red hair, short hair, curly hair, black hair, brown eyes, green eyes, grey eyes….the choice is yours.

What a gorgeous comfy princess bed in a castle.  Prince charming smiles at you from the wall, but the poor princess just can’t sleep – look, there’s a pea under all those mattresses!

Just tell me what your princess looks like, or send me a photo and she’ll feature sitting on top of that squishy lumpy bed!  Now available in my shop for £12.

At Last!!! It’s scarves, hats and gloves weather.  I treated myself to some new stripy wooly ear muffs and am loving wearing my crochet scarf again.  I made it two years ago.  It was one of the first things I made when learning to crochet.  I had a lot of little bits of wool left over from other things so I made lots of granny squares as practise and then didn’t know what to do with them.  A scarf was born…




I found some really fun fabric recently and have been wondering for a while what to do with it, so I was pleased to receive four commissions this week which meant I could use it at last.  It’s nice to be making something for a boy’s nursery for a change….

Hmmmmm….. What to get your guitar playing friend for his birthday?  What to get your guitar playing friend for his birthday AFTER the shops have shut?  Or…… What to MAKE your guitar playing friend after the shops have shut?  A personalised pick pouch!!!

We had a lovely day trip out in Lyme Regis on friday.  Lyme is full of gorgeous buildings, bright colours, amazing light and fun little shops, but the highlight is of course the ice cream parlour on the sea front – Rinky Tinks….


Oh my goodness I am so in love with this blanket!!!  It’s so much fun to make and the colours fill my little heart with happiness….


My Christmas Cards are now available to buy from my website, from my Folksy Shop, or from my Etsy Shop – £1.50 each or a set of 8 for £8.  Designed by me using collage and vintage stamps, they are printed on 100% recycled card and are fun and funky and just a little bit retro….

Some very old vintage print and some very new vintage print.  The husband is restoring our kitchen window, and after stripping off six layers of paint, a layer of varnish and a layer of plaster (!) found that the cracks in the original timber of the window frame had all been filled up with tiny bits of rolled up newspaper!  I haven’t found a date on any of the bits yet but the house was refurbished after a fire in 1929 and I think they must come from then.  I love the bit about not losing the shape of the tree!  And then, I bought some gorgeous vintage office stamps and they are so much fun, I can’t wait to use them – I’m going to be putting them all over everything I send out…


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