Every day I feel lucky to live in such a stunning place and we try not to take it for granted – the fact that we can see the sea from every room in our house, that little boats bob outside our bedroom window, that we are lulled to sleep each night by the sound of the waves on the beach – but sometimes it’s nice to get out there and act like a holiday-maker.  It’s easy to overlook the small details so I took some time this afternoon to appreciate the shapes, colours and textures that make up West Bay.  I’ve never noticed all the blue bottomed/white cabinned boats – they look like they’re wearing a uniform!  And some of the paint-work on the boats is incredible – as good as any Mondrian….


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  1. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! A huge wave of homesickness just hit!
    Luckily I’m coming down in a weeks time, a flying visit for 3 days All By Myself. CANNOT WAIT!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ps your photography is STUNNING, juts been oooooooohing over your StC’s Chapel pics

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