I’ve just finished a commissioned papercut and thought I’d show you my process….

The hardest part of it is drawing the design as you have to work it in mirror image so it shows the right way round when you’re finished.  I’ve got used now to writing backwards, but I still need to check it in a mirror before I start cutting.  The pesky Ns and Ss often find themselves round the wrong way.  With this design, I need to also check the arrow ends up pointing at the right word – in this case “lovely”.  One slip of the scalpel and it could end up reading “I Think You Are Lovelorn”.  So, carefully carefully cutting out, making sure to leave the middle of the a’s, o’s and loops.  Carefully carefully…. and with a bit of slicing and carving and cutting and dicing, it’s done…..

…and available to buy in your choice of adjective from my shop!

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  1. Very interesting – it’s lovely to see how you do things.


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