I’m just about to unveil a fabulous set of screen-printed cards I’m working on, but in the meantime here’s some gorgeous things to feast your eyes on.  Lovely flowers, blankets, views, colours and light…

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  3. Hello and guten Morgen,

    my name is Gina. I’m from germany und I have seen THIS blanket.
    It’s soooooo beautiful and I like it so much.
    Is there any possibility for you to tell me how to make this blanket?
    Please excuse my english – ist’s terrible, but I learnded it about 30 years ago at school.
    Thank you very much and have a nice day and a happy year.


    • Hi Gina, guten morgen! Wie gehts? Danke schoen fur Ihren freundliche Worte! I studied German at school, but have forgotten too much! I will do a tutorial as soon as I can and post it up for you! Meine Schwester und ihre Familie in Frankfurt leben, so sollte ich besser auf Deutsch!
      Glückliches neues Jahr auch! Joey x


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