I’ve had such a busy and fun week making Christmas commissions for sending all over the world.  It’s so exciting to think of happy little things I’ve made that are now sitting on walls and beds and sofas in America and Denmark and Australia!  I can’t show you all of what I’ve been up to as lots of it is secret present stuff, so you’ll have to make do with tiny weeny tantalising close-ups.  Up first - some Papercut commissions…

Next, I’ve been making lovely lettered bunting for Dorothy and Theodore.  You buy the letters you need and then it all buttons together…so when no-one’s looking you can make anagrams too!

My screen printed birdies finally got their legs this week.  These happy little chaps are available to buy as cards (£2 each or 3 for £5) or as an A4 size screen-print on lovely heavy paper and in a choice of colours for £6…

And lastly – I’ve been commissioned to make an Owl and the Pussycat fabric picture and am super excited about it.  I’ve been meaning to make one for ages and I’ve got as far as the sketch so far for the customer to approve.  Imagine how amazing it’s going to look in fun fabrics!!!!  This is only a part of it, you wait til you see it finished….

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  1. Gillian Matthews

    Hi Joey
    Loved looking at your site. The place looks really homely and cosy.Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.May I wish you both all the best for the .new year.Lots of love Gilly from the Dinghy

    this is the first comment from my IPad ! Treated myself for once!


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