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I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.  You know when a little person eats something they shouldn’t have eaten and tries to pretend they didn’t.  Like when they help with the baking and lick the spoon and look up at you with chocolate all round their mouth and a “what chocolate?” look in their eyes….  Well.  Stanley came in this morning looking like this…

Look closely.  Look at his face.  Look at the left hand side of his face.  Look at his eyes.  His eyes which are saying “what tiny weeny itsy bitsy completely defenceless baby bird?”  Yes.  It’s not a smudge.  That is actually a very small grey fluffy feather stuck in his whiskers…

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  1. Oh this made me laugh so much. I adore my cats (sadly my little hunter died last year) and my other cat (thankfully) couldn’t catch a bird if it laid itself at his feet bless him!
    He does get this look if I leave the lid of the butter….I know, euwwww gross.

  2. Oh! Naughty kitty! At least he didn’t leave it for you on your doorstep.

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