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Well, where to start!? From finishing work on friday to going to bed on sunday, it has been the most beautiful photogenic weekend EVER. The weather was just incredible and we found time for paddling, walking, car-booting, gardening, buntinging, eating, sewing, playing and basking…

The highlight for me was the collection of treasure waiting to be discovered at the car-boot sale.  We found a whole box of old rolls of pianola music, all decorated in lovely graphics and type.  My eyes popped out at the 1890s sewing machine still with its instuctions!  Although the manual was a little worse for wear – never use sellotape on paper, ask my sister;  it’s a paper conservator’s nightmare.  Also uncovered was a lovely old ink pad tin, with ink, a ludo box full of marbles, a roaring, walking, gnashing, flashing dinosaur and a very funky golf cocktail set… 

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    absolutely love your site !!! and what a view you have – lucky ! keep up the good work !

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