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After all that gloomy gloomy gloominess it feels just a little bit brighter here at the moment.  I try so hard to keep it colourful indoors even when outdoors is grey grey grey.  Lots of happy colourful things were happening in our house this weekend including bright yellow cheerful flowers and Stanley and Bobo having a rare moment of sharing on the best blanket.  I’ve been making some lovely things for some lovely people and the sun has been casting beautiful patterns on the ceilings.  But the best of all followed an intense ten minute downpour.  The sun suddenly came out and gave us all the best rainbow I’ve ever seen!  It was so big and so bright, but best of all, had a fainter second rainbow hitching a ride on its back…

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  1. Susanne from Canada

    I love your photos, as they transport me across the pond; you brightened my day!!

  2. Wonderful pics, and what an amazing rainbow, stunning!


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