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Right everyone, I really need some crochet help.  A little while ago I started making the Fiesta Siesta Blanket.  I had it in my head how wonderful it was going to be and made lots of two coloured circles that look like this…

I then added two layers of cream round the edge of each one so now I have lots of circles that look like this..

I then added the third layer which is a lovely purpley heather 12 pointed star so now I have circles that look like this…

Isn’t it scrummy – look at them all together…

But here’s where the problem starts and where I need the help.  What now?!  I imagined the purple stars sitting in white hexagons all joined together but I can’t work out how to do this bit…

…how to get the star sitting neatly in its little white hexagon.  I’ve made it and unravelled it all day and not got it right yet.  Any suggestions?

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  1. how about starting from top point of star, (US terms)
    s/s, then sc, hdc, dc, dc, trb, dc dc, hdc, sc , then s/s into top of next point all the way around. will this work??

  2. Connect each point of your star with chains and then work the hexagon on top of that.

  3. Have you tried something like Attic 24′s hexagon method (as seen: – It might help form the basics for you? I’ve used it on a blanket I’m making… only caution is that it definitely has a top and bottom pattern.
    Cassie x

  4. Cassiopeia Brooks

    Have you tried something like Attic 24′s joining method (as seen : It’d need a little bit of adapting for the star pattern, but the basic idea might work. My only caution would be, I’m using it for a blanket I’m making and there’s definitely a ‘top’ and a ‘bottom’ to the pattern!

    Hope that helps!

    Cassie x


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