I’m so proud to unveil the new products I’ve been working on!  There’s still lots to do, but here’s some early photos of my Christmas decorations, baubles and angels (which you may recognise from my Chistmas Cards) and my new range of Robot Doll DIY kits!  I’ve designed four different heads, three different bodies, three sets of arms and three sets of legs so you can mix and match the parts choose what your finished robot will look like.  All the bits fit together to make a finished robot that is about 12 inches high.  I love them!!!!!

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  1. Wow I Love the decorations Joey are they a Fabric kit and I think the robot is great Fun how much are they both thought I could make one for Joe for Xmas as he wants a Tat of one somewhere but we are trying to encourage him to have something that he wont grow out. xxx

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