Wahooo!  We had snow at last!  Well, not actually actually.  We had rain.  Heavy rain.  All night.  But 2 miles up the road in Bridport, they had snow!  Well, not actually actual snow.  Sort of white lumpy rain really.  But, another 5 miles up the road, nearly in Beaminster, they actually actually did have snow!  It was proper pretty and proper fun.  I haven’t removed any colour or ‘black and whited’ any of the photos, it really was just like that, just completely colourless.  And still snowing in big fat chunky flakes.  And then home for hot chocolate and toasted tea cakes in front of the fire.  I hope you spent your snowy day doing what you wanted, whether that’s running around like a loon outside, or snunkering down with blankets in doors.  Either way, have fun!


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