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A couple of weeks ago I found this scruffy little old filing cabinet in a car park, just sitting in the corner rusting away, full of spiders and water.  I thought it had potential, I can always do with extra storage, and I was particularly taken with the little pull out shelf on the side.  But look at it now!  Just a little washing, sanding, painting and love and it looks a m a z i n g …

2013-05-22 18.51.08   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2013-05-22 18.51.15   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2013-05-22 18.51.42   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






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  1. I am renting an apartment and I am looking to move soon. We have been here 9 years and two boys later. The apartment is half a house that is totally cool and “kind-of” retro so I want to put some things back in order when I move. The main thing I have been looking to do is the metal cabinets for a while now. I know I can use paint stripper and spray paint formulated for metal but I was wondering – since I have seen this project of yours, if you have any pointers? You give a pretty detailed description of the steps you took to refinish this cabinet and most-likely have already added some steps to my idea but was interested in hearing your thoughts when you were doing this cabinet. It’s not like you can use paint and brush, well at least I dont think so because most the time you can see the brush lines. Whoever did these cabinets before, oh my – I dont even know what to say!

    • Oh and by the way…absolutely amazing and I love the comment you left on another page about having bolts and washers left, so glad someone else does that too!

    • Hi Kerri, Thank you! I just sanding the cabinet down which got rid of most of the rust, gave it a wash and a wipe with white spirits (not sure what they’re called in the US) then painted using a brush (yes!) with 4 thin coats of multi purpose paint. You can see the brush marks a little in that it definitely has a texture, the photos are very kind to it, but basically, paint carefully in lots of thin layers and you should be fine! Joey x

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