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From cut out….


…..to mounted….


….to framed for one very happy customer!


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Head over to my folksy store for some more lovely CecilyMae exclusive cushions.  These chirpy little chaps are having a lovely little gossip sitting on their line…available in blue, pink or white they would look lovely in a child’s room!

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…I’ve just finished a marathon sewing session making cushions for a shop in Oxfordshire.  I had such fun putting together all the lovely patterns and colours and fabrics and they look soooooo scrummy all stacked up in a big comfylicious pile….

I’ve been busy making up orders for shops recently which is why I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front.  But at last I get a chance to show you the fabulous new cards I’ve had printed….

I was round at a friend’s in the week visiting her lovely new baby, and on her wall was the fab papercut I did for her and her husband when they got married.  I’d forgotten how fun it is.  Really simple, but very cute….

I’ve spent a very happy day today making some new images.  Here’s a close-up.  I’m not sure whether to turn them into cards or prints.  What do you think?


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It was gorgeous here yesterday so we put on our cossies, grabbed our goggles and headed for the beach.  Hmmmm, it might be sunny, but the sea’s not really ready for swimming yet, so I scoured the beach instead while the others swam.  I found these gorgeous birdie pebbles….

Pebble Birds

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