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This seems to have happened very quickly.  This was last week…


….and this was today…


 It was glorious.  Stanley and I sat and read in the sun aaaaaalllllllllll afternoon, until the sun went behind the neighbour’s tree and our feet and paws got a little bit nippy….



Let’s hope it stays for a bit.  In other news, I built a boat.  Well, sort of.  It’s a land-going boat, but good enough for a 6 year old and a 3 year old who have their eye patches and cutlasses at the ready….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd amongst all that, work has been done… new papercuts, new cushions, new cards and new prints….


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Today has been a grey and drizzly day outside and a bright and sunny day inside.  I spent the morning doing a lovely papercut commission with a funky little rainbow zooming across it and fluffy little white clouds and buzzy little bees and pointy little flowers…

I’m also still totally in love with our new coffee machine, can’t believe it took me until this age to get one, and love love love the cute little French cups I got to go with it…


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I’ve just finished and posted this lovely bright cheerful papercut.  The client wanted a garden fete feel with jolly colours and bunting.  I think it’s turned out beautifully and the miniature pinwheels give it a lovely 3D look…

I was round at a friend’s in the week visiting her lovely new baby, and on her wall was the fab papercut I did for her and her husband when they got married.  I’d forgotten how fun it is.  Really simple, but very cute….

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At last I can show you the papercut commissions I did for Christmas.  They’ve all been given and received and, I’m pleased to say, much admired.  The first one today is the one that features the lyrics from a Gram Parsons song – ‘Warm evenings, pale mornings, bottled blues’…   Buy your own here or here.

I’ve had such a busy and fun week making Christmas commissions for sending all over the world.  It’s so exciting to think of happy little things I’ve made that are now sitting on walls and beds and sofas in America and Denmark and Australia!  I can’t show you all of what I’ve been up to as lots of it is secret present stuff, so you’ll have to make do with tiny weeny tantalising close-ups.  Up first - some Papercut commissions…

Next, I’ve been making lovely lettered bunting for Dorothy and Theodore.  You buy the letters you need and then it all buttons together…so when no-one’s looking you can make anagrams too!

My screen printed birdies finally got their legs this week.  These happy little chaps are available to buy as cards (£2 each or 3 for £5) or as an A4 size screen-print on lovely heavy paper and in a choice of colours for £6…

And lastly – I’ve been commissioned to make an Owl and the Pussycat fabric picture and am super excited about it.  I’ve been meaning to make one for ages and I’ve got as far as the sketch so far for the customer to approve.  Imagine how amazing it’s going to look in fun fabrics!!!!  This is only a part of it, you wait til you see it finished….

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