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At laaaasssstt…..the sun has come along.   What a beautiful day, deep blue sky, crispy air, hazy sunshine, misty sea and just beautiful colours.  I made the most of the light to photograph some bunting and more of my new cushions I’ve been working on.  The pink orchid seems to have a fiery dragonny phoenix thing flying out of it, and Stanley just enjoyed sitting in the sun and watching the boats…

I was just going through my photo albums from the summer and stumbled across lots of really fabulous bright jolly sunshiney photos that didn’t make it onto the blog first time round so I thought I’d give them a second chance.  Look out for the shooting star in one of the lighthouse ones and for the Olympic Pizza rings…

I’m finally relaxing after an exhausting non-stop weekend at the River Cottage Autumn Fair.  I sold so much bunting I ran out of ‘I’s, ‘A’s and ‘H’s.  There were lots of Harrys, Isabels, Daisys, and names ending in ‘ie’.  My stall was between two lovely ladies, one selling gorgeous pottery and one selling gorgeous leather things and handbags.  There were lots of fun things to buy and do including welly wanging, a vegetable fancy dress competition, puppet shows, cooking demonstrations and lots and lots of animals to look at.  I also was pleased to make some bunting for some of the other stall holders including this yummy mummy

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I get the feeling there’s going to be a bit of a party in June – and what’s a party without bunting?!  I can spell out anything you like for any occasion, but here’s some inspiration and ideas to get you started…  Head over to my folksy shop to let me know what you’d like!



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Personalised bespoke letter bunting – £1 per letter ($1.60 per letter), hand sewn together for you and sent first class!  ‘Welcome’ = £7!  What do you want to say….

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Another productive, busy and colourful little week.  I’ve been making lovely little double sided aprons – perfect for baking or painting.  The letter bunting is going really well – and not just for names…  Scary scooby doo biscuits were iced, tiny little blue flowers were picked and sunny little daisy chains were made…  And best of all – I’ve borrowed a light box from my sister – we can keep it for a bit but it’s quite big and we’re running out of places to keep things.  Then genius struck!  We’ve just cleared out the fireplace for the summer and it always looks a little sad and dark until it’s time to light it again in the autumn.  But now its little hearth is filled with glorious warm sunshiney light courtesy of the light box!  It fits perfectly and the colours match too.  Perfect….

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Too tired to talk.  Here’s some pics of the new letter bunting – orders now being taken….

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Wowzers!!!  What an utterly amaaaaaaaaazing day we had today at River Cottage!  It was just beautiful weather all day too.  We got there at 7am when all was very peaceful and still.  The light was amazing and a lovely haze hung in the valley.  The flowers seemed so vibrant.  My stall looked amazing and my *NEW* letter bunting was a best-seller to put it mildly!  I almost ran out of tape!  I should be asleep by now but it was all so exciting I’ve had to make some more stock for tomorrow.  There couldn’t be a worse weekend (sleep-wise) to lose an hour overnight, but Hooray for British Summer Time…

….ooooh – and when it was all over, you get a lift back up the hill in the back of a tractor.  That’s the husband sitting in a trailer being towed behind a tractor in the evening sun with my 100 year old sewing machine being taken home for a little over-night maintenance.  The sewing machine that is , not the husband.  Although he needs a little maintenance too I think…

I’ve had such a busy and fun week making Christmas commissions for sending all over the world.  It’s so exciting to think of happy little things I’ve made that are now sitting on walls and beds and sofas in America and Denmark and Australia!  I can’t show you all of what I’ve been up to as lots of it is secret present stuff, so you’ll have to make do with tiny weeny tantalising close-ups.  Up first – some Papercut commissions…

Next, I’ve been making lovely lettered bunting for Dorothy and Theodore.  You buy the letters you need and then it all buttons together…so when no-one’s looking you can make anagrams too!

My screen printed birdies finally got their legs this week.  These happy little chaps are available to buy as cards (£2 each or 3 for £5) or as an A4 size screen-print on lovely heavy paper and in a choice of colours for £6…

And lastly – I’ve been commissioned to make an Owl and the Pussycat fabric picture and am super excited about it.  I’ve been meaning to make one for ages and I’ve got as far as the sketch so far for the customer to approve.  Imagine how amazing it’s going to look in fun fabrics!!!!  This is only a part of it, you wait til you see it finished….

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