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Really excited to be selling my cushions through a lovely new website called Magpie Blue.  They’ve got heaps of lovely things so head over there and take a look…

  Magpie Blue

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…I’ve just finished a marathon sewing session making cushions for a shop in Oxfordshire.  I had such fun putting together all the lovely patterns and colours and fabrics and they look soooooo scrummy all stacked up in a big comfylicious pile….

I’ve spent a very happy day today making some new images.  Here’s a close-up.  I’m not sure whether to turn them into cards or prints.  What do you think?


Well, this was supposed to be ‘Bridport Hat Festival Part Two’ but my computer has eaten my photos and refuses to give them back to me.  I still may find them yet but for now you’ll have to make do with www.bridporthatfest.org.  Look under 2011 photos – there are some brilliantly wonderful people and hats there.

So instead, in order to try and cheer myself up, I’ve gone round the house taken pictures of things that make me happy…I hope it works for you too…

I love the new papercut commissions  – I showed you the initial sketch, but they come to life in paper…

I’ve realised the house is full of birds I’ve made, painted and sewed.  They’re all different and all have their own characters…

I love it when it starts to feel chilly.  Not that I need an excuse to snuggle up under a blanket in front of a fire.  And this is my favourite blanket.  It’s the first crochet one I ever made and it’s massive – around 8 feet square!  I wasn’t an experienced crocheter at the time and underestimated how much wool I’d need so it’s a real hotch-potch of colours, but I love it and am so proud of it.

I’m going to start a new blanket soon using these gorgesous star squares.  I’m off to buy the wool on monday and haven’t decided what colours to go for.  I’m leaning towards autumny olives, mustards and reds but when I get to the shop I’ll probably fall in love with something else….

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