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I’m finally relaxing after an exhausting non-stop weekend at the River Cottage Autumn Fair.  I sold so much bunting I ran out of ‘I’s, ‘A’s and ‘H’s.  There were lots of Harrys, Isabels, Daisys, and names ending in ‘ie’.  My stall was between two lovely ladies, one selling gorgeous pottery and one selling gorgeous leather things and handbags.  There were lots of fun things to buy and do including welly wanging, a vegetable fancy dress competition, puppet shows, cooking demonstrations and lots and lots of animals to look at.  I also was pleased to make some bunting for some of the other stall holders including this yummy mummy

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Wowzers!!!  What an utterly amaaaaaaaaazing day we had today at River Cottage!  It was just beautiful weather all day too.  We got there at 7am when all was very peaceful and still.  The light was amazing and a lovely haze hung in the valley.  The flowers seemed so vibrant.  My stall looked amazing and my *NEW* letter bunting was a best-seller to put it mildly!  I almost ran out of tape!  I should be asleep by now but it was all so exciting I’ve had to make some more stock for tomorrow.  There couldn’t be a worse weekend (sleep-wise) to lose an hour overnight, but Hooray for British Summer Time…

….ooooh – and when it was all over, you get a lift back up the hill in the back of a tractor.  That’s the husband sitting in a trailer being towed behind a tractor in the evening sun with my 100 year old sewing machine being taken home for a little over-night maintenance.  The sewing machine that is , not the husband.  Although he needs a little maintenance too I think…

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What a lovely start to the summer hols it’s been. Full of lovely food and lovely colours….including our new crocheted kitchen drawer knobs!!!


And at last, the 100 metres of bunting I made got a chance to flap its flags in a marquee at Camp Bestival…

River cottage bunting

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Sunday at River Cottage couldn’t have been more different. It rained so much that even the ducks ended up in the marquee. Still, I think we secretly like bad weather, everyone was very jolly and enjoyed battening down…

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 It’s been so long since I was up at 6am that I totally forgot about dew.  Whilst everbody stomped about the gorgeous River Cottage morning sunshine in wellies I went barefoot and left my shoes to dry in the sun.  Apart from that, what a  brilliant day.  Ferrets, ducks, piggies, chickens, doggies, puppies and hula hoops.

I can't believe I made all this stuff

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