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More of just what we all need on these dark and miserable evenings – Colour!  From baubles to flowers to grass to fabrics to crochet to pumpkins to balloons to fish….. more colour colour colour colour colour from CecilyMae’s 2013….

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Wow….what a long time since my last blog!  Busy busy busy bees have been working away over here and there’s not been time to blog!  So here’s a quick round up of what’s been happening….

We’ve had two more features – one in Style at Home magazine, and one on the fabulous PrintPattern Blog – one of my all time favourite websites ever…

We’ve been on holiday ….



…where we collected shells and played games….


…and had lovely weather…


…and there were beautiful flowers…



…and of course lovely stones and shapes…



…I’ve been working on some new designs…


…I’ve been doing lots of papercutting…



…and making lots of cushions…


…and generally having a lovely busy productive happy time.  But I promise to try and blog more often in the future!

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I’ve been working today on the most beautiful papercut – and it looks even more beautiful in the sunset light.  The shadows it throws are even prettier than the papercut itself…

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I went out today for the first time in 8 months without a coat on!  I wouldn’t say it was warm, I wouldn’t even say it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t bitter anymore and that’s an improvement.  Right outside our window is a lovely blue boat which a man has been painting for about 6 weeks.  I looked out today and at last – it was sunny!  The pink and yellow buoys were just zinging and the wibbly wobbly shadows it cast were just wonderful.

Zingy Blue Boat

I had to make one of my many trips to the Post Office today.  I go to the nearest post office which is in a pretty village a mile away called Burton Bradstock.  And suddenly, the sun came out!  And it didn’t seem like a chore, it seemed like the prettiest picture perfect post office in the world…

Burton Bradstock Post Office

Let’s hope it carries on – I want to plant my sweet peas.

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It’s been another lovely week here at CecilyMae HQ.  We’ve had sun, snow, hail, storms and rainbows.  There have been trips to the park, lots of sewing and a really exciting delivery of  fabric and prints which look amazing.  I was given the most perfect roll top sewing box to keep my crochet in.  I made myself something I’ve always wanted – a book nook.  A place to sit and read and think and be curious.  We moved the whole living room round to fit one it but it lasted about 5 days before we realised it was completely impractical and put the furniture all back again.  Still, Arthur enjoyed it while it lasted…

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Today has, at last, truly and utterly felt summery.  After a late start we treated ourselves to a ‘Happy Summer Holidays’ lunch at the posh cafe on the beach including perfectly thirst quenching zingy and freshly squeezed orange juice.  The colours in the sky and the grass and the cliffs and the sand and the water were so…. just so.  After a scrummy lunch we finally got round to doing something we’ve been meaning to do every summer’s day since we got here nearly 3 years ago.  We hired a boat and sailed up the river!  It was so much fun.  I used to row a lot in the sea when I lived in Cornwall (that’s me fourth from the left – I rowed in the stroke seat) which is a whole different kind of fun and involved a bit more adrenalin, sweat and possibility of injury, but this was fun in a quiet sunday afternoon kind of way.  We rowed all the way up river to Palmers Brewery where there’s a weir so it’s as far as you can go.  Although I wouldn’t mind starting in town and rowing down the weir to the sea!  Maybe next time.  We may need to provide our own boat though.  We passed the most perfectly positioned summer house and of course the lovely colourful riverside chalets in the bay.  Back on dry land the colours were just stunning.  Our neighbour’s garden and the pink marshmallow cottage next door were just unbelievable in the afternoon sun and my roses have come out a treat!  I thought I’d killed them this winter but thanks to a bit of very vicious pruning by my mum they’re flowering better than ever.

And now, as I sit here writing this, there’s the most wonderful sunset.  This is the view of Lyme Bay from my sofa.  Lucky lucky me….

…and now it’s the holidays it’s time to make and stick to a routine or I get lost in 6 weeks of sleeping and lolling.  So I’m going to try my hardest to do this every day, all summer long.

Oooh, how can I forget!  We had our first swim of 2012 in the sea this afternoon.  Normally by this time of year we’ve been in loads but the weather’s been so awful this was our first.  And it was clear and warm and lovely.  Here’s to many more…

Well, I hope it’s not really the end of the summer, just the end of the summer holidays.  Although sitting here looking out the window, the waves are crashing over the pier and people have anoraks and wellies on!  It’s been a lovely six weeks full of family, food, music, swimming, playing, laughing, sewing, crocheting, walking, reading, exploring, drawing, snorkelling and generally having fun.  Here’s a round up of the last few days….

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We had another lovely sunny happy day at the hut last week. There was lots of swimming, playing, eating, drinking, laughing, chatting, sewing, crocheting and nail painting….

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A day full of shiny sunshine, sparkling sea and cups of tea and cake…Perfect….

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